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Creativity and Innovation

“Only those who can see the invisible can achieve the impossible”

The true act of discovery lies not in seeking out new lands, but learning how to see the old with new eyes". These words by Marcel Proust invite us to discover what is right in front of our eyes, the wood we cannot see for the trees. Entrepreneurs generate a world of abundance rather than a world of scarcity because: They accept more responsibility than others would feel comfortable, take greater risks than others would feel safe, dare to dream more than others would feel practical, and are able to expect more than others would feel possible. An enterprising mentality is something you have and you develop.


  • Creativity and innovation are two different things.
  • The ingredients of the creative process.
  • Hemispheres of the brain and creativity.
  • Personal and institutional blocks.
  • Relationship between creativity and emotions.
  • Placing a value on error in the creative process.
  • Inventing the future.
  • Science and the art of the possible.
  • Using your creative imagination.
  • Finding the point of connection between diverse elements.
  • Vision and shared vision.
  • Training a leader.

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