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Médico, Especialista en Cirugía General y del Aparato Digestivo y conferenciante


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“Leadership means inspiring other people and helping them unleash their true potential“

Leadership means crossing the threshold which separates our comfort zone from the space in which we grow and evolve as people. Leadership is, then, a call to understand ourselves better, manage our emotions and established ties to other people. True leaders are capable of creating a world which people feel they want to belong to. A leader realises that when something needs to be changed, he or she is the one to change it. It is through examples and not simply words that leaders can bring minds and wills together to achieve a common goal.


  • First discover our limits and then learn how to overcome them.
  • Cosmovision, mental state and style of learning
  • Nature of limiting beliefs
  • Beliefs and evidence
  • Discovery of limiting beliefs
  • Limiting beliefs and identity beliefs
  • The metaphors that govern us
  • Ellis and Beck's cognitive restructuring
  • Anthropology and Leadership
  • The emotional lever
  • Vision and shared vision
  • Training a leader

Readings: “Madera de Líder /Eagerness of a Leader”, published by Empresa Activa, “Reinventing yourself: a fresh new opportunity” and “NOW ME - the answer is in your hands", both from Plataforma Editorial.