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Communication and influence

“Communication is the process by which we can influence other people to make them more aware of their true capabilities”

Our interpretations, meanings and suppositions create the filters which shape reality. Our words are capable of evoking the images which trigger our emotions, building the reference framework through which we relate to the world. Two people can walk side-by-side even if they do not agree provided that each of them can see, can perceive that the other person is attempting to understand. When people genuinely feel they are being listened to, they feel understood and can begin to trust.


  •     Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication
  •     Our inner personalities
  •     Mirror neurones and empathy
  •     The language of the subconscious
  •     The aikido of communication
  •     Assertiveness: being firm without being harsh
  •     The power of recognition, gratitude and congratulation
  •     The possibilities of the meeting point

Recommended reading: THE MEETING POINT in the book "Living is an Urgent Matter", published by Aguilar